Yes, I do wear an awful lot of checked shirts…

Food is lush innit? And we’re all obsessed with it.

That’s the realisation that kicked off this food blogging lark for me. I wanted to write things to make people laugh, but I needed something to focus on that I knew everyone could identify with.

I’ve been stuffing my face and writing about it on and off for over three years now. I’ve met a ton of lovely people, got myself in trouble a few times and hopefully raised a few laughs along the way.

I’m by no means an expert on food – I’ve never worked in the industry and I’m a fairly average cook – but I have eaten my way pretty comprehensively around Cardiff.

In the process I’ve fallen in love with the food scene in this weird little town, and the people who make it great. That’s why I don’t do ‘reviews’ as such – I just write about the places I love to eat.

If you think I should try eating somewhere new feel free to give me a shout.

All words and tweets (especially the ones that get me in trouble) are by me.

@scruffyduke in her natural environment.
@scruffyDuke in her natural environment.

Words are all well and good, but this is the 21st Century. No-one’s got time to actually bloody READ things.

Fortunately, my better half Sarah (AKA @scruffyDuke) is a dab hand with a camera. She’s responsible for any of the photos you see on the blog that don’t look like they were taken by an eight-year-old with the lens cap on.

She’s an Instagram pro too, and is responsible for most of the pretty pictures on there. Her posts are marked with an S, mine with an L.

Being Northern, she’s also an expert on pastry. And tea.