The Drinks Cellar Food & Drink Blogger Awards 2016

"No, honestly girls, you won't look awkward at all."
“No, honestly girls, you won’t look awkward at all.”

I have two pieces of important news.

First of all, despite my recent silence on the blog front, I am definitely, probably, mostly not dead.

I have started a new day job though, which hasn’t left me with enough mental processing power to do a lot of writing.

I’m currently at the stage where I bound enthusiastically to work in the morning like a Golden Retriever, only to have to drag myself home at the end of the day like Leo Di Caprio in that Wolf of Wall Street scene. Minus the Lamborghini Countach.

There should be a new blog up next weekend, but in the meantime, if you’re new here or fancy a blast from the past, please enjoy some of my greatest hits:

And the Oscar goes to…

In other news, I found this email last week in amongst the usual hate mail and spam casting aspersions on my potency:

Over the last month, online retailer The Drinks Cellar and world-renowned winemakers Luc Belaire have been on a relentless search to find the best food and drink blogs on the web.

We’re delighted to inform you that our experts have shortlisted for “The Drinks Cellar Food & Drink Blogger Awards 2016“.

We think you’re one of the best of the bunch and deserve some serious recognition!

Well. That’s pretty great innit?

Given how un-prolific I’ve been lately it seems a bit like that phase in the early noughties when Robbie Williams was nominated for a Brit every year despite not releasing any albums, but there you go. Always lovely to get a bit of recognition.

Now, I confess that I’ve never actually heard of the awards before, and it’s entirely possible that this is like that one time I sent the Nigerian Finance Minister my bank details (Ngozi Okonjo-Iwealar, I can only imagine what a hard time you have getting people to respond to your emails), but I’ve had a look and it all seems legit.

I have an election.

The public voting opens tomorrow (4th July 2016) at I know we’ve all had an utter titfull of democracy lately, but I’d be really, really grateful for your vote.

If I win, my prizes will include a bike with pink wheels (yes really), a dressing gown and a gigantic pile of booze, so if nothing else you’d be sure of a lively night on the @fuudblog Twitter account.

Perhaps more excitingly for you though, everyone who votes also gets entered into a prize draw to win this:

Not sure of the logistics of posting you all that ice, but that's their problem, not mine.
Not sure of the logistics of posting you all that ice, but that’s their problem, not mine.

So, to recap – spend 2 minutes voting for me tomorrow and you could get enough fizzy booze to launch an armada. You know it makes sense!

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